Sherlock – IBM Domino konfigurācijas audita rīks

Līdzīgi kā Domino Configuration Tuner, Sherlock pārbauda, vai visi iestatījumi ir pareizi konfigurēti un ģenerē atskaiti

Sherlock atrod trūkstošos Notes.ini parametrus vai konfigurācijas iestatījumus

More than 300 rules are checked against every server. Obsolete settings are removed, while configuration is checked to have new recommended values. Imagine you have 30 or 100 servers. How could you be sure they are perfectly configured?

Labas un sliktas statistikas vērtības

Sherlock checks also different server statistics, and depending on values, recommends to do configuration changes. There are more then 3000 statistics, Sherlock will interpret most important and critical statistics and values.

Live Update

Once deployed you can check your server for optimal values. You can apply recomendations with few clicks. Live Update gives you access to new rules released by CYONE. You can define Your own rules.

Sherlock galvenās iezīmes

  • Checks performance values

    Recomendations provided by Sherlock in average speeds up servers 3-4 times. e

  • Do it right

    Checks for obsolete and recomended values and configuration settings

  • Full Scope

    Sherlock checks Configuration Documents values, Server Documents values, Policy/Settings documents, Server Statistics agains recomended values for this type of server (Apps, Mail, Traveler, HTTP)

  • Rerun report to see gaps

    Rerun report to find next bottlenect in you environment.

  • Live Update

    Live Update will download new pack of rules. So running next check you are sure it will check for up to date recommended values.

  • Always add value to customer

    We believe human shold think, computer should work, thus several hundreds of rules are checked daily agains customer servers to find gaps and improve configuration.

Darba sākšana ar Sherlock

Available as Service on OnPrem offering.