Compliance data analytical system THIRD EYE

Know your customer better and provide in-depth analysis of financial flows with new solution based on IBM i2 technologies

What is THIRD EYE?

The solution is based on IBM i2 technologies. It is a unique tool for data analysis and visualization. This software provides modern and powerful tools for data analysis like links and relations detection, social networking analysis, critical path definition and similar elements search.

This program is specially designed for financial organizations in purpose to improve Compliance & AML effectiveness.

Why do I need THIRD EYE?

The system can build the graphs of relations and money flows among customers better than the majority of data analysis tools. It allows to detect hidden relations based on transactions or common authorized persons and display a graph of such relations.

If you use “THIRD EYE”, the regulator will see that you really know your customers, follow their activities and compare them with the declared information.

THIRD EYE galvenās iezīmes

  • The customer’s cash flow visualization

  • The group or customers’ cash flow visualization

  • The customer’s partners

  • Shared partners of multiple clients

  • Common representatives for several clients

  • Identification of common recipients and senders for multiple clients

  • Analysis of card transactions by customers

  • Analysis of card cash transactions by customers

  • Card transaction graph by country

  • Card cash transactions by country

  • Common declared contacts (telephones, email addresses) for multiple customers

Didn’t find your case?

Not a problem. We can help you with the definition of incoming data sets and quality check for them and formulate requested check cases. We also are ready to extend existent data model and can help with connectors to data sources.