Domino lietojumprogrammu jauninājumu pārbaudītājs

Automātizējiet biznesa lietojumprogrammas pārbaudi, lai tās būtu saderīgas ar jaunajām IBM Domino versijām

Domino jauninājumu projekti

When upgrading IBM Domino applications to new release Domino 8.5, 9, or Domino 10 human testing may take months or even years. Upgrade checker can do this in days, generating report and showing which line of code has failed check. Final report will contain links to IBM resources or internet proving that this problem is important as well providing possible way to fix issue.

Jauninājumu pārbaudītājs parāda, vai lietotnei ir OS atkarīgas funkcijas

While IBM Domino is cross platform, some application code may be Windows or Linux specific. Externall DLLs or EXEs called by different processes. To speed up migration to new OS, check if app calls operating system specific functions, or hardcoded pathes.

Veiktspējas paraugprakses pārbaudes

It is known that some functions are not performance optimized, like LotusScript function GetNthDocument, IBM recomends to use GetNextDocument. To be sure that code is optimized and does not contain Performance unfriendly functions check the code, and replace it with better code.

Jauninājumu pārbaudītāja galvenās iezīmes

  • Domino Upgrade

    Shows which functions will not work or has been changed in new release of Domino

  • OS compatibility testing

    Upgrade Checker shows which lines of code contains OS specific (Linux/Windows/Mac) calls. So it is easier to make it compatible for new OS.

  • Saves Time

    Human testing may take years, while automated test take hours or days. Report shows full picture of application compatibility.

  • Performance Checks

    Upgrade Checker shows functions not optimized for performance.

  • Different rules for different tasks

    One Application can help with application performance tuning, Upgrade to New releases of IBM Domino, Operating system changes

  • Tiny NSF

    Application can be used just by copying NSF file. No Server DLLs or complicated installations

  • Rerun report to see improvements

    Forget about human made retesting. Just rerun report to see if problems detected are gone.

  • Shrink your upgrade costs

    Application testing is always the most expensive part of the upgrade project. Cut testing costs up to 20 times by using automated tool.

  • Service and onPrem offering

    Order retesting or do it your self depending on Your needs. Flexible costs, flexible functionality, different rules.

Darba sākšana ar Jauninājumu pārbaudītāju

Scan code and find weak places in seconds, saving costs on human testing. With Upgrade Checker you are always sure your code is in a perfect condition.