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Given the complex nature of large organisations, enterprise intranets must act like digital workspaces; providing a gateway to third-party systems and offering applications that serve a diverse and increasingly dispersed workforce. Digital workspaces must also provide employee self-service tools, productivity-enhancing applications that reach all layers of an enterprise, learning management and secure collaborative spaces.

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For enterprises, the need to curate what each employee can see, and the tasks they can complete, prevents employees from being overwhelmed with irrelevant information. Granular permission-rights, within Claromentis, can be attributed to teams, groups, employees with particular roles and individual users – and it’s present throughout all intranet applications. Administrators can easily configure permissions across their workforce and an additional permission layer, in the form of security levels, can be added within the Document Management System.

Enterprise Intranet

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As a growing business, managing the ever-increasing volume of documents is vital to giving you fast access to the information you need. Intranet gives you one place to store all your documents, either by uploading directly into the intranet or through integrations with cloud storage providers. Add any documents – regardless of where they’re stored – to the search index of the intranet, allowing them to be @mentioned or surfaced during search.

IBM Connections

IBM Connections – best in class social platform, which helps employees collaborate better, implement innovations and reach desired results for business. Leader of Gartner report. Provides integrated Collaboration platform for sharing information, files, ideas, and work on projects and tasks.

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Not just an intranet – but a Digital Workplace