IBM Domino veiktspējas iestatīšana un audits

Laiks ir nauda. Mēs izveidosim raķeti no Jūsu servera!

Veiktspējas paātrināšana

There is a high demand to make IBM Domino system running fast. For majority of customers we speed up IBM Domino from 2 to 12 times. We can find bottlenecks of systems, eleminate them and make Domino run like a rocket. These are specific skills that regular administrator may not have.

Automatizētie IBM Domino serveru auditi

We have digitilized our knowledge on tuning, so even 100 server infrastructure can be audited in 2-3 days, and recomendations how to improve environment provided after few days. All recomendations contain why you need it, how to implement it your self, impact of change. In average customer receives 100 page report of hand written text, that contains recomendations and this customer specific values and screen shots and threshold values.

Konfigurācijas auditi

IBM Delivers new functionality every month. During configuration audits we tune not only performance, but also security, and suggest to deploy new features, that some customers may not be aware. Deployment of new functionality makes your employees more effective and agile. People can work from anywhere, seamlessly while still securite way protecting your business know-how and customer information. Propertly configured server will need less administrator time, thus reducing ROI of system.

Automatizēti jaunināšanas rīki

We have solution that is able to scan databases and detect if this application will work on new version of IBM Domino. While IBM is backward compatible , sometimes programers use undocumented functions that may be removed or added in new release, thus causing collision. Automated test of application may take hours or days, while manual testing may take years. We have server migration tools and application migration tools.

ROI – Ienākums no ieguldījumiem

Sometimes people spend hours a month waiting for system to respond or give needed document or search results. If you calculate how much you pay in salaries to wait for system or to pay extra time to do all things done, you will find that super fast system is cheaper that wait on slow system.

Darba sākšana ar IBM Domino veiktspējas iestatīšanu un auditu

You will find that super fast system is cheaper that wait on slow system